Kent County Council (KCC) and H+H Celcon (Celcon) have been found guilty by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) of behaving unreasonably towards Wrotham and Ightham Parish Councils who have been awarded costs of the Celcon Block Factory Inquiry, as Rule 6 parties.

KCC argued that part of the costs were on behalf of Keep Boroughs Green (KBG) and since KBG had been specifically excluded from recovering costs in the Planning Inspectorate decision, the overall award should be reduced by 33%.

Solicitors acting for WPC successfully argued that the costs were on behalf of WPC and IPC only. The resulting agreement is that KCC and H+H Celcon will pay WPC and IPC £103,206.

Matthew Horton QC agreed to act on a no win no fee basis when presenting legal argument for an award of costs. These fees are outstanding but Matthew has generously agreed to accept nearly 80% of the invoice value, which reflects the overall level of settlement.