Wrotham is a quirky Kent village and among the many groups and societies that contribute to this vibrant community is the Hartley Morris Men.

Our home is the Rose and Crown Pub, High Street, Wrotham where we have happily resided for several decades. During that time Landlords have come and gone and it always takes a little while to break a new one in but we regard that duty as our service to the community.

The Hartley Morris Men are the oldest Morris side dancing in the West Kent area, with our roots going back to the Stansted Morris dancers of 1934 – 39. We perform the ancient and traditional Morris dances of the Cotswold style.

We practice in St George’s Hall Wrotham on Thursday evenings throughout the winter. If any men would like to join us then you would be welcome to attend the hall or contact the Hartley Morris Bagman on 01622 685960 or email  Bagman@hartleymorrismen.org.uk 

Every year we perform in the village on May 1st and Boxing Day lunchtimes outside the Rose & Crown, we also support the Christmas Fair.  In early June we base our Annual Weekend of Dance in the village which is regularly attended by around 80 Morris Men from all over the county.

View information on the Hartley Morris Ring Meeting 2009



  A sing song, Boxing Day 2009, after dancing outside the Rose and Crown.


Boxing days are very special in the Rose

A sea shanty to end with.

Hartley Morrismen Travel in Style in their 1929 Charabang